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Discover and meet the Strengths Driven Career team

We live what we teach.

Sometimes we learn the hard way and sometimes we simply learn. But what do you do with all the information gathered throughout the years and what defines you best? 

Not finding your fulfilling career, generates frustrations, and enthusiasm fades little by little.

There is a way!

We know that there is another way. With a focused process and encouragement you will discover and be able to design the career where you can thrive and excel. Where your signature strengths and true ambitions will lead you towards your success.

Our mission is to help amazing individuals develop and design careers that become a path of learning and work, full of satisfaction, fulfillment, success, and future growth.

Also, we help companies reach their full potential by bringing the best out of their people.

Strengths Driven Career is more than just about career. It is about you fulfilling your potential and overcoming all difficulties that could stand in your way in designing a meaningful career, including yourself.

And about companies to design thriving environments and cultures

Meet the Team


Sergeja Medovič

Sergeja Medovič is certified coach at Strengths Driven Career. Take a look and find out more about her professional experience.


Anja Božič

She began her career at one of the largest staffing agencies in Slovenia and globally, where she served as the regional sales director.

Why us?

We went through our career transformation while defining and pursuing our clear career vision to move out of our dead-end jobs. Today we are proud of our careers as we can bring our best version out to the world, live our passion, and make our big impact.

And we want you to get there as well. Settle for nothing less.

As advocates of a career well-lived, we are dedicated to helping you move into a meaningful career with conviction, towards fulfilment and success.

We firmly believe that each of us has a mission and a path to fulfill your full potential and leave your footprint. Why waste energy in something that does not provide the enthusiasm of every day? You know you have it, WE know you have it. So why delaying the inevitable?


Our Specialties

Career Coaching
For Individuals

Get professional coaching and guidance through our online career coaching services: complete coaching programs for a better life and a fulfilling job.


Strengths Coaching

Discover your strengths with the CliftonStrenghts® assessment and how they can help you in your career development. Learn how to use your strengths to boost your professional life.

Coaching programs for Companies

Discover our programs designed to create thriving organizational environments and boost your peoples’ potential, engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.


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