Strengths Driven Career

What is Strengths-Based Coaching for companies?

Leverage your strengths today!

Strengths Driven Career programs combine complementary phases of career coaching:

Coaching for Leadership Development

Make clear choices on your future career goals/ trajectory that will lead to fulfilment and true success, based on your potential and what you really want.

Individual CliftonStrengths coaching for employees

Be more empowered and committed. You will be provided with tools and an end-to-end process towards landing your desired career move

Cliftonstrengths Team Workshops

Develop your career, aim at professional and personal growth by raising yourself to a new level of self-awareness and unlock your full potential.

Outplacement Program

We offer a strengths-based Career Transition outplacement program that helps your separated employees land their next position faster.

Leveraging the best of your people means getting the best for your business

Organizations that operate with a strengths-based approach to their people’ development at its core can create real organic growth.

Strengths-Based Coaching for people development improves many of the key business metrics that traditionally define success, such as sales, profit, and employee turnover. However, they also improve intangible company characteristics that are often the most difficult to change.

Organizations that drive transformation using the strengths approach report better company culture, improved communication, more engaged employees, and greater productivity. 

Such approach opens you and your team up to become the best version of yourself. 

“Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong…And yet, a person can perform only from strength.”  ~ Management guru, Peter F. Drucker

How can you achieve this?

We are using the CliftonStrengths assessment to help leaders, employees, and teams leverage their strengths and manage their weaknesses for positive outcomes in the workplace and life.

Strengths result from natural talents that are built upon with skills, knowledge, and experience. 

When you know your strengths, you get to see yourself from a powerful perspective and you become empowered to move forward no matter your current circumstances. 

We intend to re-shape and provide positive change for business growth through strengths-based approach coaching on following main areas:

  • Leadership development
  • Professional development
  • Team dynamics
  • Optimizing team performance
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Career transitions

More strength, less effort

Using a strengths-based approach helps achieve more with less effort. It increases employees’ motivation, efficiency, engagement, productivity, and sustained peak performance. It provides a greater sense of intristic “can do” empowerment to accomplish organizational and personal goals.

Research studies demonstrate that 80% of individuals who receive strengths-based coaching report optimized self-confidence, better relationships, improved work performance, and enhanced communication skills. 


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