Take control of your life by designing your future career path


Start fulfilling your potential!

As you are here right now, you are probably considering your career and what you have achieved so far. You are yearning to unlock and bring out your full potential, achieve more outcomes in your work you care deeply about, and find true satisfaction and fulfilment in your career.

We are on a mission to help you find and move into an empowered and meaningful career. As career is an authentic experience, there are as many meaningful and successful careers as there are many human beings. And we approach it like that – laser focused on each person and individualized.

You have so much influence over your career development and growth if you make that commitment. Only you can shape your future career path and not just wait for a better one to come along.

We have a process to get you there.


is all about helping you to find and move into meaningful and worthwhile career. And have all the satisfaction, fulfilment and success, coming from:

  • using and developing your full potential in daily work
  • making significant contribution and difference you care deeply about
  • being seen, heard and valued for your work and receive meaningful rewards
  • reaching your true career success that matters most to you 
  • living an aligned and joyful life


is a proven process to help you find your clarity on WHAT and WHY you want in your career – a career that is driven by your signature strengths, by unlocking your full potential, by understanding your true career drivers and by defining your own career success terms.

You will get empowered to set your tailored career goals and move into fulfilling career with confidence, commitment and courage.



is an add-on result oriented program that will provide you with the personal support and right tools and approaches to navigate your career transition and job hunt.

You will reach your defined career goal smoothly and faster, moving consistently towards landing your next career move with individualized action plan, confidence, commitment and courage.



Strengths Coaching program uses CliftonStrengths® assessment as an invaluable personal development tool, to ignite your signature strengths. It is a proven process to fully acknowledge and start applying your innate talents and strengths into your daily work-life and focus your future career development and growth on investing in them.

People thrive and succeed when they focus on what they do best and use their strengths. Investing in bringing out and growing on who you are at your best, is where your full potential comes to live.


What Our Clients Say About Us...

Eva Doganoc

I have started to work with Sergeja and Mojca because I have been really unhappy and unsatisfied with my job for long. I didn't have any sense of meaning in it. But most of all I did not know how to get out of this situation. Immediately after our first conversation, I felt this is the right decision - to start focusing on my inner self and empower myself through that. I felt that this program will lead me to find answers on my future career path and my development. And with every session, I have been more and more fully realizing and acknowledging my strengths, drivers and what I really want from my career. Even though now I can say that I somehow felt all this before, it was working with these two compassionate ladies that led me to my clarity I needed to make my best next career choice. It built up my confidence and my clear career vision that I needed to start making my transition. I am really grateful I had the opportunity to go through this program and for all the support, as now only one thing is possible – to follow my path, ambitions and my dream. And be proud and fulfilled in my work again.

Milko Grebenc

Losing my job for the first the time at age of 54 years, after working for one organisation (in many different positions) for more than 30 years is extra shock. Luckily Sergeja and Mojca crossed my life path and gave me the needed fundament for my transition strategy and job seeking approach. Their consultancy and coaching (and as well many useful practical exercises) gave me the right support, guideline and direction. But the main benefit was manifested in regained self-confidence and motivation in order to effectively and efficiently manage all elements of career transition process. Test entitled profile Gallup (Clifton Strength) which I took as part of entire package was another “aha moment” and eye opener, that explained many of things in my career and stay strong pillar for my future work and career development planning.

Sincerely thanks.

Anja Žibert

I'm far from being perfect...for others. But I'm pretty close of being perfect...for myself. In general I never had problems with self esteem but recently there were a lot changes on my career and personal path and I got lost somewhere in the process. Big time! Strengthfinder tranining course and wonderful coach Sergeja have helped me to (re)discover my talents, my real talents from deep down, which define my essence. And it was so refreshing to learn, that these characteristics empower me to run a better life but on the other hand I was completely shocked to find out that same strenghts can also have huge negative affect on me (my everydays life) if they are overused. I had few sessions with Sergeja and with every session I was becoming more focused on how I feel in specific situation. Suddenly everything became so clear: why do i feel so stressed out if my co-worker doesn't do his/her job, why do i have such a strong need to help others, what strenghts am i subconsciously using dealing with certain people,..

I never enjoyed analyzing my life but when you feel down and you can't see a way out, the best possible thing you can do to find an exit, is to search within yourself – you'll be amazed what you can find! And Gallup strenghtfinder course can definitely help you with that! I highly recommend Sergeja for her professional approach and ability to guide (and listen). Her coaching skills are just amazing and I can tell that this job is her true mission. Thank you Sergeja! You are the best 😊

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