Being stuck in a career that doesn’t bring you fulfillment and some form of joy, and doesn’t utilize your strengths and interests, can be draining. Career coaching can make a huge impact and difference in your career.

When it comes to getting in better shape, we easily think of hiring a personal gym trainer. If we go through really challenging times in our lives, hiring a therapist is a good way to move.

Then why we ever hardly think of hiring a career coach when we need help with our careers?

To help us reconnect with it. And to reposition us to point firmly in the direction of unlocking our full potential and success.

To take the time, in a non-judgemental and supportive environment to assess our current career situation and to clarify our future personal and professional career goals. And get support in navigating our transition.

Career coaching is a rewarding process for many busy professionals.

Career coaching is the structured approach to professional exploration and personal reflection that can assist you with making informed and conscious decisions. Decisions about your career reawakening and future career path.

It is a process that increases motivation, self-confidence, and help you navigate your moves and growth in your career journey with clarity. The moves that lead to fulfilling your potential, standing your own position, and living your success.

And no matter where you are in your career, working with a career coach can be impactful at every point.

The benefits of career coaching

Whether you are struggling with the demands of your current job, yearning for a career change, or you are in your career transition times trying to land your new desired job, what you want and should expect from your coaching experience is results.

And whether you are at the beginning, middle, or nearing the end of your career, here are five main reasons hiring a career coach is beneficial for your short- and long-term career growth and success.

1. Raised self-awareness and acknowledgment of your value and your full potential

A considerable part of the career coaching process is discovering your inner world and identification of your innate talents, strengths, and full value. In doing so, you can gain true self-awareness of your abilities and strengths that you (and no one else) bring to the table.

Knowing your worth as a unique professional is the foundation to set your clear career goals for your future career development and growth. And if it sets you up for career change, this will help you tremendously during the transition process as well.

But most of all, focusing on igniting your strengths and advancing your career on this basis is the way towards thriving and success.

Excellence comes from using your strengths. Empowerment comes from living your strengths.

Do you really know your signature strengths and your true value?

2. Making clear decisions on your future career goals and career path, coming from your ‘What do I want’ and ‘Why I want that.’

Many high achieving professionals find themselves unfulfilled and miserable in their careers. The reasons behind this could be that they have started to build their careers ‘by accident.’ Or they were following someone else’s blueprint.

Many times we feel pressured to be something we are not, coming from our family, friends, or society.

In any case, the career coaching process takes you on the journey of reconnecting and fully acknowledging your values and career drivers, as well.

To reach full clarity on what you want from your career and why you want that, as this is the foundation.

Working with a career coach helps to gain clarity on answering those two crucial questions, which are necessary to start moving forward towards personal and professional growth. But most of all, towards finding and designing your future career path.

A career coach must take you to define clear career goals that are tailored by you. Tailored from the acknowledgment and true reflection of your strengths and potential, your real career drivers and success definition, aligned with your values.

This leads to establishing the career path you want to follow and mastering your career growth.

3. Building confidence in your career

To build a meaningful and successful career, you absolutely must have confidence in yourself, your strengths, and your why. And move in your career with conviction.

The career coaching process of raising self-awareness on your value and potential, and reaching real clarity on your future career goals and path, is the first step for your readiness to start designing your future career.

Only the self-awareness and confidence that is arising from that clarity can outweigh all the indecision and waiting. And can outcome your fears connected to your career growth and change.

With increased self-awareness and self-confidence on what you want and why you want that, we become empowered with conviction and can take our career out of our comfort zone. To a new level that can benefit a bigger whole. And build it standing our own positions towards our definition of success.

4. Navigating you through career transition times with tools, personal strategic road map, and high-touch support to succeed

After gaining full clarity and deciding on the next career move that you wish to pursue, then getting ready with the right tools and support that will help you achieve your goals smoothly and effectively, is needed. And career coaching can be so much of a help here.

Career transition and the job search can create a fair amount of anxiety, fear, and vulnerability in people. One of the things career coaching helps first with is to unwrap all those emotions, so you can better understand how they may be keeping you stuck in your transition.

And then, there is always the search strategies, and marketing materials (such as resume and social media profiles to start with) and implementation activities, like powerful networking and interviewing. Sometimes all this can be overwhelming to manage your actions and position you for succeeding in transition. But it does not need to be intimidating.

Transition career coaching provides you with a directive strategic approach while building all the necessary tools, crucial materials, and latest search implementation strategies and skills to land your desired job. And create an actionable roadmap to accelerate and succeed in your search.

5. Increasing encouragement and motivation to grow

Like any other personal trainer, a career coach wants you to unlock your full potential and reach your career goal. So your career coach will be there to guide and motivate you in every step to support you and ensure that you are on the right track. To get you where you want to be in your career.

By having that support and accountability, you are less likely to detour from your intended career goal and more likely to work harder to reach it.

A career coach will always have your best interests and your coaching goals in mind.

But first, you need to be ready and willing to be coached as well. The coaching journey requires commitment also from your side. To be open to self-discovery process, manifesting your new self-knowledge into new ideas, and also making changes. But most of all, to be prepared and ready to take action and move forward as no career coach can do that instead of you.

With commitment and hard work from you and your career coach, the outcomes are career and life-changing. And will be worth making the time, effort, and money. As when you find and start designing your meaningful career, you are on the way to excel, thrive, and grow.