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Strengths Coaching

Take CliftonStrengths® assessment for your career development

Having a meaningful and successful career can influence your overall well being. 

There are so many factors that can make you feel satisfied and accomplished by your daily work and your career. 

Your innate talents and signature strengths, and living them daily, are for sure one of those factors. 

CliftonStrengths® Coaching is for all of you who would like to:

  •  fully understand and ignite more of what is inside you, to bring your best versions to life.
  • focus on managing your daily work-life and your future career development to become more empowering, energizing and engaging.
  • take progress in your current career path and design your career towards success.
  • engage deeper in your daily work-life and become a more mindful and better performer.

It is time to grow personally and professionally by truly acknowledging your inner talents, signature strengths and needs, and focus on implementing them more into your daily work-life. 

To thrive and excel!


CliftonStrengths® Coaching

Gallup research proves that people succeed when they focus on what they do best. When you identify your talents and develop them into strengths, you become more productive, engaged, and perform better. Or as we like to call it:

We have discovered that people have several times more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strengths instead of correcting their deficiencies.” – Tom Rath, CliftonStrengths ​assessment®.

CliftonStrengths® is an online assessment that helps you discover what you naturally do best, where you have the most potential, and what makes you exceptional. This invaluable personal development tool was developed by Gallup’s team of scientists and positive psychologists and is grounded in more than five decades of study of success across a wide variety of functions – from business to education – and many different cultures (nearly 50 countries).

You can achieve all of this. Since 2001, it has helped millions of people discover their innate talents and genius zone and achieve excellence at work. And also more fulfillment.

What do you get from Strengths Coaching Program?

    • Identification of your unique DNA; you will be able to pinpoint and describe what you do best;
    •  You will learn how to articulate the value you bring to your work and life;
    • Boosted self-awareness and self-confidence that comes from a greater awareness of how valuable you are;
    •  A new perception of attributes in yourself that you have had so far undervalued or taken for granted;
    •  Improved people’s skills and improved relationships at work and at home;
    • Ability to achieve goals more comfortable and faster because you will know which way is most aligned with your innate talents and strengths;
    • Higher engagement and productivity at work;
    • Increased quality of your life overall.

Seems complicated? Let us simplify the process to take you there:

  • Understand YourTalentsIt is all there.

Identify how your signature talents and strengths have been operating in your life. To be outstanding in what you do, you need to become aware of your talents and strengths that are already inside you and a part of who you are.

The CliftonStrengths assessment is the tool to help you get that raised self-awareness.

  • Love Your Talents: You have what it takes.

You will get a head start on understanding exactly what makes you unique and exceptional, what you do best, and you will learn what your motivational drivers are and what you value most. Don’t waste energy on things you will never be, or just want to be, good at.

  • Discover your values: Celebrate yourself.

When you make your decisions based on your values, you make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to you. Become aware and understand your values. Complementing your values with your talents and developing them into strengths is what leads to satisfaction, excellence and true sense of accomplishment.

  • Understand and manage your weaknesses: All you can do.

Identify any inherent vulnerabilities in each signature strength. You will become aware of your weaknesses, take responsibility for them, and then learn how to use the strengths-based approach to manage them. 

  • Amplify your strenghts!We trust you and your power.

Identify how to develop and focus on living and working from your strengths. You will learn how to apply your talents towards specific objectives and better respond to situations that happen every day. 

To become more engaged and a better performer in your daily work-life and start designing your strengths driven career. Full of your fulfilment and success!


Always by your side. How will we work together?

This program is hosted online so you can tune in from anywhere around the globe. Time zones for 1-1 sessions can be catered to match your schedule. Engagement is on a weekly basis in 60 minutes of online coaching sessions.

 Support & Accountability are key to the coaching process. We will be available to you by e-mail and phone in between scheduled meetings as well, to always provide high-end personal support.


Reach out for any inquiries and questions