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Career transition and your desired job hunt can be hard, especially when you feel unprepared. But with proper encouragement, end-to-end process with all the needed tools and personal support to manage it, it does not have to be intimidating.

 Think about it this way:

  • Are you in a career transition and not sure how to deal with it?
  • Do you wish to manage your career transition and job hunt campaign with confidence and towards success?
  • Do you wish to obtain your new desired career opportunity faster?

If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Change is part of life, embrace it, celebrate it and let it empower you.


Successful Transition is the key

Successful Career Transition is an add-on result-oriented program that will support and navigate you in your times of career transition on how to make your desired career move happen.

The program provides you with professional guidance, your marketing and job-hunting tools, and needed skills coaching, with a strategic road map, so you have a clear direction and no detours to slow you down while conducting your job hunt transitioning and pursuing your future career path.

You have probably read articles or joined groups discussing experiences that people had when changing jobs. However, private, one-on-one career coaching is the most powerful and focused way to get your career transition running smoothly and effectively. You are the main character in your career, make it memorable.

What do you get from the Successful Career Transition Program?

    •  Tools and support to keep you focused;
    •  Increasing confidence and moving forward towards fast landing into your set career goal;
    • Full understanding and development of your unique personal brand and marketing messages, to interact effectively with your target audience;
    •   A clear action plan – a personal job hunt campaign – that will get you to execute your actions for successful career transition and support on how to leverage every search activity to most effectiveness.
    • High touch personal support and building resilience with managing stress, fears that will be jumping to your mind, and inherent volatility of career transition;

    By Following our process towards your Successful Transition:

    • Empowering yourself to direct your focus
    • Defining your brand and creating your communications strategy
    • Getting your message out and implementing your job hunt 
    • Powerful Networking
    • Interviewing, cultivating offers and negotiating.


    Always by your side. How will we work together?

    This program is hosted online so you can tune in from anywhere around the globe. Time zones for 1-1 sessions can be catered to match your schedule. We take our mission seriously, so engagement is on a weekly basis in 60 minutes of online coaching sessions. At the beginning of the week, you will receive access to Written Content on specific next milestone lessons via email.

    Support & Accountability are key for the coaching process. We will be available to you by e-mail and phone in between scheduled meetings as well, to always provide high-end personal support.

    You matter the most and you will be receiving career transition assistance from certified coach.


Reach out for any inquiries and questions