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Career clarity coaching program at Strengths Driven Career

There are so many amazing individuals, high achievers out there, who are dissatisfied, unfulfilled at their work, and left with no true sense of success in their careers.

You might feel or even know you deserve more from your career as well, yearning for a change.

Just answering honestly to the questions below will let you fully realize it!

  • Are you feeling stuck and frustrated in a career that isn’t satisfying anymore?
  • Your career is not bringing the rewards you are longing for?
  • Are you in a career where you feel like you cannot use your strengths, further grow and fulfill your potential?
  • Are you focusing on outcomes in your career that aren’t meaningful?


If you are exhausted by all of it…

Then, it is clearly the time to move out of it, find your meaningful career and make a commitment to contribute, impacting and improving the world around you by your every-day work.

Career clarity is a must.

It sounds simple, but the reason why so many amazing individuals are settling for less, and staying stuck in an unfulfilling job is that they actually do not know what they really want and need in their careers.


Let’s be honest – it is easier to state what we don’t want, right?

Career Clarity Program is for you if you want to go deep into the discovery process of re-connecting with your inner self and your career, to find out WHAT you truly want in your career and WHY. 

So, you will be empowered to set your tailored future career goals that will lead into a meaningful and fulfilling career i.e., a career full of satisfaction, success and future growth, where you will be bringing your potential alive.

Because it will come from your inner world, signature strengths, core values and true drivers. 

We all have a duty to achieve the best version of ourselves. 

Truth be told, private, one-on-one career coaching is the most powerful and focused way to get to the core of what you want in your career and turn it into reality. 

Our coaching is based on a positive psychology methodology, specifically on CliftonStrengths® assessment as one of the tools diligently integrated in the process.

What do you get in the Career Clarity Program?

  • True understanding of who you are and what matters most to you, derived from your inner world and combining all important aspects of it – innate talents and signature strengths, developed skills and interests, your core values and true career drivers
  • Full acceptance of your innate talents and signature strengths, to harness their power and leverage your uniqueness;
  • Clarity on how you can bring your full potential to your professional life and what you need to flourish and feel serenity in your everyday work-life;
  • True acknowledgment of what are your most burning desires for your work and career; 

To be able to define and tailor your next career goal, that is yours, and start designing your future career path towards true fulfillment and success which will make you feel fulfilled and successful.


It all starts with your commitment to follow the Career Clarity process, digging into:

  • Your Current Career Situation
  • Your Self-Discovery – to unlock your Full Potential by discovering:
    • Your innate talents and strengths with CliftonStrenghts®
    • What you do best
    • Your true values and career drivers
    • Your beliefs and inner compass of your true success

to be able to

  • Engineer your Career Vision and Next Career Move


Always by your side. How will we work together?

Clearly, the sessions will be completely remote. This program is hosted online so you can tune in from anywhere around the globe. Time zones for 1-1 sessions can be catered to match your schedule. We take no shortcuts. Engagement is on a weekly basis in 60 minutes of online coaching sessions. At the start of the week, you will receive access to Written Content on specific next milestone lessons via email.

Support & Accountability are key to the coaching process. We will be available to you by e-mail and phone in between scheduled meetings as well, to always provide high-end personal support.

Therefore, you can rely on us to provide the process to challenge you for your true self-awareness and to inspire you to do your best, while creating time and energy to provide a meaningful program. And bring out the best version of you to the light. 


Reach out for any inquiries and questions