Coaching for Leadership Development

Develop your leaders and
get the best out of them

Leadership strength is critical to business success, be it from your first-time leaders to established senior ones.

The rapid changes and advances in economic, political, technological, and social factors require leaders in organizations to engage and develop human capital in order to achieve strategic organizational goals.

This complex and challenging context creates the need to develop positive leaders who are able to get the best out of their followers and optimize psychosocial wellbeing in organizations.

We offer leadership development programs for individuals who:

  • are moving into a first-time leadership role or further developing in a senior management role and want to break through the glass ceiling
  • want to gain confidence in their unique abilities as a leader
  • want to develop modern leadership skills, to navigate the challenges they face at different stages of their career.


CliftonStrengths® for Leaders and First Time Leader – From Contributor to Leader 

are programs customized to your needs and designed to help you reach your objectives in key areas of development.


In both programs, we use the CliftonStrengths® tool to kick start our programs. It helps to build awareness around a leader’s strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots as a leader. It also provides great strategies that will allow them to effectively reach objectives and overcome internal and external obstacles and challenges.


“Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong…And yet, a person can perform only from strength.”

~ Management guru, Peter F. Drucker


CliftonStrengths® for Leaders

All leaders use their own unique form of leadership and have different talents and strengths. 

This strengths-based development program is based on the individual leader’s talents and strengths and helps the individual leader to gain insight, understanding, and training in how they can use their combination of strengths to strengthen their leadership skills.

With CliftonStrengths® coaching, you will give your leaders the opportunity to:

  • Discover what they naturally do best
  • Learn how to develop their greatest talents into strengths, not their weaknesses
  • Uncover their blind spots and learn how to manage their weaknesses
  • Recognize when they are overusing a strength and managing their strengths for the greatest leadership potential
  • Use their personalized results and CliftonStrengths report to maximize their potential and focus on their future development, aligned with organizational goals

And on top of that, your leaders will:

  • Craft and create their own unique leadership style through their Signature Strengths
  • Learn how to move from boss to coach
  • Learn how to invest in others’ strengths
  • Start using a strengths-based approach to improve employee engagement and performance
  • Learn how to get people with the right strengths on the team
  • Understand and fulfill the four basic needs (Trust, Compassion, Stability, and Hope) of those who look to them for leadership.


First Time Leader – From Contributor to Leader

An individual contributor or professional getting promoted into their first formal leadership position in an organization is one of the biggest and most difficult transitions for any individual. Unfortunately, far too often, the leader and the organization take for granted just how difficult that transition is.

Many first-time leaders feel that no one understands what they are going through.

First-time leaders want to do well but so often struggle to transition from individual contributor or professional who does the work and does it well to a leader who must continue to do the work and, more importantly, leads others doing their work.

So what can you do to help?

Here’s a doable and straightforward solution: Understand first-time leaders’ struggles and help them overcome the challenges relevant to their new leadership role.

First Time Leader – From Contributor To Leader is a developmental program that supports individuals in the most challenging transition they have made so far in their careers, develops them as leaders, and ultimately strengthens the organizational leadership pipeline.

Our unique approach draws out the leader in an individual through:

  • CliftonStrengths® All 34 Report and Personal Strengths-Based Leadership Coaching
  • Learning the Leadership Foundations
  • Personal Coaching
  • Hands-on learning & Retrospective
  • Group Coaching (optional)

We use CliftonStrengths® and strengths-based mindset development as the foundation, combined with learning about and cultivating essential leadership skills.

The personal coaching sessions and learning about the leadership foundations are supported each time by hands-on learning – action plan and goals to implement as, after each topic, a leader works on their introspective and retrospective on their situational challenges, behavioral change, and practices.

Through the course of the program, we cover topics that have been estimated as the most crucial but also most occurring challenges that first-time leaders are facing (but not limited to):

  • Management vs. Leadership
  • People management: Why people follow
  • Motivating people
  • People engagement
  • Communication
  • Feedback – recognition, and critics in action
  • Time management and delegating
  • Coaching: From Boss to Coach

What will you get with our leadership development programs

Leadership development services are designed for new or experienced leaders who want to effectively lead a team and develop the competencies that will enable them to:

  • Boost their capacity to change and move to a higher level of their leadership performance
  • Boost self-awareness and self-confidence that comes from a greater self-awareness of their innate talents and signature strengths
  • Craft and create their own unique leadership style
  • Learn the essential skills to harness their unique traits and characteristics as powerful leadership tools to effectively develop teams and organization
  • Develop better understanding and appreciation of the needs of their followers.
  • Move from boss to coach
  • Manage stress and build personal resilience.
  • Build relationships, trust, and strong work teams.
  • Increase their team members’ engagement, energy, productivity. 
  • Increase the well-beingof their teams (employees’ performance).
  • Manage change.
  • Develop a personalized future development plan that will help them to cultivate their strengths and guide them towards achieving their goals.

We help leaders do more of what they are already doing well, but more consciously and in a controlled way so that they have the opportunity to improve their performance and quality of life both at work and in their private life and become exceptional leaders.


Your objectives and current needs drive the coaching topics that make up your program, providing you with actionable strategies and ideas; therefore, the program’s length is designed according to them.

Engagement is on a weekly basis in online coaching sessions of 60 minutes.



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