Cliftonstrengths Team Workshops

Create a team, not a group of people

You know your team members better than anyone. But do you know why they do what they do, what motivates them, or when they are at their best?

We make it easy to find out.


We offer team sessions using the CliftonStrengths tool to improve your team dynamics. Workshops are designed to empower and uplift participants by creating a new level of self-awareness and appreciation of self and others. No matter what your organizational or team goals are, CliftonStrengths Coaching focuses on working best as a team to achieve those goals. 


This comes first from setting a clear goal(s), understanding how your team collaborates most efficiently, and placing and leading individuals in the roles to use their full potential. To reach the ultimate success of each individual and of the team. The team sessions are peppered with self-reflective and interactive activities, which enables great discussions and group connections. 


How do teams work?

To fully appreciate the importance of teams in the workplace, the strengths-based approach follows two main ideas:

  • Individuals who acknowledge their strengths, work together to form better partnerships, and more thoughtful partnerships create stronger teams. Strong teams start with the individual.
  • The use of strengths and full potential and the dynamics of your team directly affect business

What to expect from CliftonStrengths® Workshop?

The purpose of CliftonStrengths® Workshop is to reach the ultimate success of each individual and the team by:

  • Improving working relationships
  • Building trust
  • Improving Communication
  • Promoting Healthy Conflict
  • Improving Collaboration

How does it work?

All attendees will complete the CliftonStrengths assessment online to uncover their talents. Workshop resources, including a Manager’s guide to Strengths, are also provided. Participants leave with actionable steps that allow them to make immediate changes in the workplace.


All group activities can be paired with one-on-one coaching to further develop self-awareness, professional action plans, and/or work on specific individual objectives.


The workshops are tailor-made based on the company’s objectives; therefore, the length of the workshops is prior agreed with the company depending on the desired outcome.


Reach out for any inquiries and questions