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Career transition made easier with Mojca Veselko

I remember talking to people, trying to explain to them what I did. People I was talking to were excited and saw me as a successful professional. But all I could think about is that I was lacking the enthusiasm and energy, many times also pride.

And yes, to the outside I had an extremely successful career. My job was safe. It provided the status that everyone is chasing. Predictability. For sure it came with some benefits. Yet, what no one knew, I felt stuck and dissatisfied, and as the more time passed, the more I did not like the way in which my career was developing. At first, I didn’t even know where these feelings were coming from. And the more time passed by the more I wanted to leave my job. I felt I had so much more to give, and there I didn’t feel recognized and appreciated. It was making me feel miserable, and tired.

However, I was sticking to it. I was a ‘good girl’, living the life and career I was supposed to. Being stable and playing it safe. 

And then the game of life hit me really hard.

In one day all the benefits and safety were turned upside out and around, due to the deadly diagnosis of my husband. It was the moment when I had realized that our time here is not limitless. And I want to use mine fully, intensely and purposefully. In all aspects of my life, career as well.

I chose my priorities wisely and quit my job. And all because I was settling for less than I deserved. I took a deep breath and reconnected with myself, with my genius zone. Yes, we all have it. And asked myself what really matters most to me.

It was THE moment! From just feeling that I wanted a change in my career… towards actually doing it. My advice to you: don’t wait for your hit! There is another way for growth which is anticipated by the envisioning of the future. By exploring and acknowledging your genius zone and your full potential, by recognizing opportunities and by making a conscious move towards them.

 I give you that. It takes courage, it takes self-awareness and it takes perseverance to reach the possible. But don’t be afraid to be yourself. And don’t settle for less. I finally got clear on the career I wanted to develop. And I finally acknowledged that it is me who defines what true success is, and it is me who defines meaning. And that is what we are all searching for in our careers and life. And we deserve nothing less.

What do you need to know about me?

My name is Mojca Veselko and my vision embodies a satisfied, fulfilled, and successful career. Having the mission of providing the long-lasting impact of the transformative power of career coaching, I am committed to supporting individuals to experience the career inspiring tools, principles, and methodology that Strengths Driven Career program delivers.

As a Career Coach, I mostly value the opportunity to inspire each individual’s journey – ultimately energizing them to more empowered and transformative self-awareness and actions for their next best career move. I love supporting individuals in the self-discovery phase but most of all in the execution phase towards ultimate transition success in reaching a career worthwhile.

I have been working in the HR field for more than 10 years acting as an executive recruiter and consultant on talent development. To pursue my dream, I gained the Lee Hecht Harrison certification, and expertise in career transition coaching for over 8 years.

In terms of communication style, I emphasize the mindful, engaging, and definitely supportive approach. My superpower is compassion and challenge to every conversation.

As the founder of MOVE, I highlight the principle of partnering with clients to “Move in career with conviction while prioritizing inner resources, leverage their full potential and standing their own position and drivers”.

Together, we will rock your career change!



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